The activities of the National Institute of Metrology CJSC are the following:

  1. Type approval of measuring instruments
  2. Verification of measuring instruments
  3. Expertise of measuring instruments


Type approval of measuring instruments

  All imported and produced measuring instruments in the territory of RA that are be used in the fields of legal metrology are subject to type approval. The type approval is performed for the documentation of conformity of measuring instruments with defined requirements.  State tests of measuring instrument are performed for the type approval in order to check the conformity of technical and metrological characteristics of the measuring instrument with the defined requirements. Report is drawn up based on the positive results of tests according to which the conformity of the measuring instruments to the requirements is ensured and the type approval certificate is issued which permits the use of the measuring instrument in the legally regulated fields. Also in the result of the type approval the verification interval and procedure is defined for the given type of the measuring instrument.


Verification of measuring instruments

  The verification is a set of activities, which are carried out in the territory of RA to ensure the conformity of the measuring instruments with metrological requirements. There are initial, secondary, periodic, mandatory, voluntary and by sampling verification.

  Mass-produced or imported measuring instruments (if, according to regulatory documents is foreseen) are subject to verification by sampling. The decision to subject the measuring instruments to verification by sampling makes the National Institute of Metrology according to the tests for type approval of measuring instruments.

  The measuring instruments of an approved type, being in the production they are renovated and imported except the measuring instruments which verification was performed on site of the producer (outside of the Republic of Armenia) and which mutual recognition of the results of verification has interstate and international compacts which participant is Republic of Armenia are subjected to initial verification. Initial verification may be carried out in the areas of control of verification of legal entity which produces and renovate measuring instruments. Measuring instruments released in the production or after renovation are represented to initial verification after passing technical inspection by the producer.

  Those measuring instruments during which exploitation the stamp of verification is damaged or the verification certificate is absent or they are put into exploitation after a prolonged maintenance or the appearance and efficiency of the measuring instrument are dubious or the measuring instruments were not  implemented before the expiration of the half of established verification interval and must be delivered to the consumer or the measuring instruments are used as additional devices after  the expiry of the verification period are subjected to double verification.

  The measuring instruments which are used in the areas of extension of legal metrology which verification period is expired  which is established with a view to ensuring the suitability of the measuring instruments during the periods between verifications are subjected to mandatory verification. The verification interval determined at the time of the approval of the type of measuring instrument.

  All measuring instruments which are not subjected to a mandatory verification are subjected to a voluntary verification.

Expertise of measuring instruments

  All actions carried out on the basis of a written request and claims of court, prosecutor’s office, arbitration, organizations which are protecting consumers and their rights for the inspection of verification characteristics of measuring instruments. The conclusion of the verification expertise can be strong evidence in some legal processes.